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m1 carbine rebuild marks

Or Learn more Continue. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Site Admin. Swivels: Unmarked -Underwood: Didn't mark them. Swivels: Unmarked -S'G': Didn't mark them. Or unmarked. Marked "S. All were unmarked. Thank you! Would also like to thank Brian Q and Bolo-7 for helping me with this list! Still New. You ever going to finish this? Trouble wrote: You ever going to finish this?

m1 carbine rebuild marks

Do you have anything on safeties? I've got one with JJ in a circleon the flipper, on a Winchester. It also has a S'G' stock and hand guard with an IP butt plate. Is any of this "original" or a product of a couple rebuilds? I donated to the M1 Family Forum!California Residents must pay 7. NOTE: We have added in the descriptions of parts we have of different markings we have come across over the years.

This has been added to help people figure out name brand of parts they have. We may not have a specific marked part but will do our best. M1 Carbine New Springfield Armory stocks. Upper picture was taken without sun light and bottom picture was taken in sun light. NOTE: We have more stocks listed on page 3 of our parts pages.

M1 Carbine - The Mutt Gun? - Trigger Happy Tuesdays ep. 7

We are running low on these. New made in USA 18 inch lenth. These will go fast. These have been in storage for years and are a rare find. We have more stocks listed on page 3 of our parts pages. Call with all of your carbine needs. M1 Carbine 30 round magzines new in wrap.

NOS Best selling item with many repete buyers and very limited supply get them while you can. We have more magazines listed on page 6. Don't miss out! FFL required. No pits no disapointments. While supply last. M1 Carbine.Also has. Butt plate - National Postal Meter I am hoping some of you can tell me who made the parts and approx time period where I have the question mark? I am also confused about this. What I am confused about is the. I am also confused about the markings on the bolt. It has a W stamped on one face of the lug and U stamped on another face of the same lug.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! Underwood rebuilt the carbine after the war, or at least the carbine originally in that stock :D. The mag catch is a wartime replacement according to my notes. Looked at it againthe M and V portion is well pronounced but it could be the letter A. The - joining the the two sides is very faint or it's just part of the metal texture left by the milling process.

If it is A the W would be upside down looking like AM. Underwood rebuilt the carbine after the war, or at least the carbine originally in that stock :DThats what I was thinking. The stock is still a bit puzzling. From my research Underwood rebuilt these around and if they did replace the stock at that time one would think the stock would be from a little latter time period but according to the cartouche puts this stock somewhere between and When rebuilt, all the rifles were disassembled into piles of parts which were inspected and the good ones reassembled in random order from the piles.

Hence the "mix master". The stock selected for your Quality Hardware action could have been any wartime stock at the top of the "log pile", just happened to be one originally made for NPM. Your barrel sounds like it is near correct. I have one near that serial number's DOB. Does it have one or two "P" proof marks? You might have to look under the bayonet lug to see the proof by QHMC. I'm sure Inland's stands out like a sore thumb. QHMC's proof is a very distinct style, unlike that applied by any other prime contractor, so if present, that's good evidence that your barrel is original to your receiver and was not replaced at Underwood during rebuild.

Both P" look the same like they where made with the same punch. Does 2 proof marks make it original or replaced on rebuild?.Anticipated shortages led to the use of yellow birch. Black cherry was approved and saw very limited use. Lighter colored wood such as birch was often stained darker before being finished. Forgeries are a serious concern for collectors. As the war progressed, shortages in Walnut led to the approval of Black Cherry as an alternative to Walnut or Birch.

Standard Products used a limited number of these stocks but discontinued their use as they considered them a poor substitute. Although additional woods were approved it does not appear any were manufactured using other than Walnut or Birch.

Stock Variations

American Black Walnut heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Color can sometimes have a grey, purple, or reddish cast. Sapwood is pale yellow-gray to nearly white. Yellow Birch heartwood tends to be a light reddish brown, with nearly white sapwood. There is virtually no color distinction between annual growth rings, giving Birch a somewhat dull, uniform appearance.

Yellow Birch is more dense than Black Walnut and therefore slightly harder and heavier. Walnut stocks were placed in raw linseed oil for a period of time, then allowed to dry. Birch stocks were treated with a dark stain, then placed in raw linseed oil for a period of time and allowed to dry. The one and only finish approved for use on the wood of the Caliber. The thin high wood area was eliminated as it was perceived as a weak point. Earlier stocks sometimes had their High Wood area removed.

Part markings. (check here first)

During the course of production of the Type III stock for the M1 Carbine several manufacturers began making changes to strengthen the Type III stock that were carried over into use in all of the M2 stocks. Added Support below the Recoil Plate During the production of their type III stocks in Winchester changed the machining of the wood below the recoil plate to provide better support.

This change was not implemented in conjunction with the longer barrel channel and appears to have come later. Winchester continued this practice with their type IV M2 stocks and it became the standard for all type V M2 pot belly stocks by all manufacturers.

All type I and type II stocks. Majority of type III stocks. Introduced by Winchester on their type III stocks in Continued with Winchester type IV M2 stocks. Used on all type V M2 stocks. This bridge was eliminated with all M2 stocks and removed from earlier stocks later converted for use with a select fire mechanism. A few unconverted type III stocks absent the bridge have been observed but are uncommon. It appears the bridge may have been eliminated on type III stocks on a limited basis prior to the introduction of the M2 stocks but no documentation has been found to indicate this was done by the original manufacturer s.

Until then it remains an unknown. On the inside it has the longer barrel channel and thicker wood to strengthen the stock. The elimination of the bridge strengthening the stock forward of the trigger housing weakened this area making it prone to cracks.

Resulting in the change of the design to the type V stock. Top: M1 stock with no cutout for selector switch Bottom: Cutout for M2 selector switch inside the left side of the stock Type V To strengthen the stock where the bridge had previously been located the wood of the type V stock was thickened below the slide earning this stock the nickname of the "M2 Pot Belly stock".In M1 Carbine Part 5we removed the components from the stock and receiver that were necessary to remove for inspection and discussed those items not removed.

First I would like to recommend my resource for all the manufacturer information. M1 Carbines Wartime Production should be considered a must have for anyone interested in the production history of the M1 Carbine. It even includes a handy-dandy fill-in table for documenting all of your component parts to help you compare what you have with what parts are correct for the manufacturer and production dates for your specific rifle.

It was very helpful in identifying all the component parts of my rifle. It only has three obvious post-war replacement parts:. It is marked I. Co which could indicate WWII manufacture, but it also stamped with the part number which is a clear indication that this was a post war replacement. The type IV safety is also a post war replacement.

The final post-war replacement piece is the recoil plate. A type III with no markings is post-war. In addition to the three post-war replacement parts, the stock and a few of the other component parts are from manufacturers other than Inland.

The stock was very hard to identify. It is an oval cut, low wood stock, not a pot-belly and has no discernible ordnance markings.

I would imagine that these were some sort of unit markings or inventory numbers. It is very hard to see, I must have taken 30 pictures of it from different angles and with different lighting before I got a shot where I could actually read the letters. Very few M1 carbines were produced during the war with the type III barrel band that included the bayonet lug. Most of them were retrofitted with type III bands after the war. In other words, there is a chance that the barrel band is correct, but it is not a given.

All other component parts have Inland manufacturer markings and are correct for a manufacture date around September Is there any reason to find another barrel without an import stamp?

Is the lever safety original? The rear sight is a Type II, should I worry about that? I have a M1 Carbine marked Inland on the receiver, but with a Saginaw serial number.

It also has Inland GM on the barrel. Can anyone explain this. I have a M1 carbine with a letter I first then rest is covered by rear sight except last two letterw which are R.Army Ordnance Operations. Government Printing Office,pages ]. During the process, parts Ordnance had designated as obsolete were replaced with a later version of the part. These include the following. Barrel Band replace with band with bayonet lug Extractor replace early style with late style Extractor Plunger replace early style with late style Firing Pin replace early style with late style or modify early style Hammer Hammer spring 2.

Notes: Augusta Arsenal often used a third letter. FN overhaul program supervised by U. Army Ordnance did not mark carbines, pursuant to a U. Army Ordnance directive above indicating no facilities outside of the U. Inspections and refurbishing were also conducted by U. Ordnance depots outside the continental U. Augusta Arsenal rebuild. Twice rebuilt by Augusta Arsenal. Benicia Arsenal rebuild. Letterkenny Army Depot rebuild.

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m1 carbine rebuild marks

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